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Outstanding Students

College of Business Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leader award is presented annually to a current College of Business student who has shown early leadership and potential for success. Recipients are selected by the College of Business faculty and staff. 

  • 2014, Hannah Gaspar, accounting and finance
  • 2013, Nicole Foyt, professional sales marketing
  • 2012, Katelyn Goettl,  accounting and finance
  • 2011, Matthew Vorhees, accounting major
  • 2010, Jacob Kampen, finance major

Outstanding College of Business Senior

Recipients are selected by the College of Business faculty and staff from a pool of graduating seniors who have a minimum overall GPA of 3.25.

  • 2014, David Donnellan, management
  • 2013, Joshua Mondor, accounting
  • 2012, Cara Shimon, operations/materials management
  • 2011, Ashley Zimmer, accounting major, management (minor)
  • 2010, Eric L. Becker, operations/materials management; international business (minor)
  • 2009, Sarah Leuck, accounting, management, and leadership (certificate)
  • 2008, Dan Platta, accounting, business economics, and finance
  • 2007, Lindsey Zastrow, marketing, international business and Spanish (minor)
  • 2006, Kelly Bender, accounting
  • 2005, Paul Treml, operations/materials management and marketing
  • 2004, Andrew Hinz, finance and accounting
  • 2003, Kelly Jean Scheuer, accounting, business finance
  • 2002, Jamie Lynn Lacke, human resources
  • 2001, Christopher Peterson, economics
  • 2000, Nicole R. Wolf, accounting
  • 1999, Linda Mathison, accounting
  • 1998, Kevin Gatzlaff, entrepreneur, business finance
  • 1997, Michael J. Puchalla, management

Outstanding Business Communication Student

The Business Communication faculty nominate seniors who have excellent oral, written and interpersonal skills, achieved high grades in BCOM courses, and completed (or are in the process of completing) the Advanced Business Communication Certificate. The faculty select the winner from the list of nominated students.

  • 2014, Jason Hinz, marketing
  • 2013, Jakob Broesch, IS systems development 

Outstanding Marketing Student

Recipients are selected from a pool of graduating marketing students nominated by the marketing faculty and staff. Nominees submit a resume and an essay addressing how their experience at UW-Eau Claire has contributed to their leadership development. Final selection is made by the marketing faculty and staff.

  • 2014: Ariel Wegner, marketing (May)
  • 2013: Kaitlin Nix, marketing analytics (May); Amber Steinert, marketing analytics (Dec.)
  • 2012: Christina Kubitschek, marketing (May); Lauren Gault, professional sales marketing (Dec)
  • 2011: Kelli Renstrom, professional sales marketing (May); Ashley Krautkramer, marketing (Dec.)
  • 2010: Patrick Delehanty, professional sales marketing (May); Adam Mallek and Ian Novak (Dec)
  • 2009: Eric Gustafson, marketing (Dec.)

Outstanding Management Student

Recipients are selected from a pool of graduating management students nominated by the management faculty and staff.

  • 2014, Tim Kubetz, management  
  • 2013, Aimee Lapacinsky, HR management
  • 2012, Jenna M. Weber, HR management and Nicholas Mulholland, management
  • 2011, Abby Lyn Peterson, HR management and Cara Shimon, operations/material management
  • 2010, Eric Becker, operations/materials management
  • 2009, Kelsey Green, HR management
  • 2008, John Severson, management
  • 2007, Sonya Arendt, HR management
  • 2006, Rebecca Napiwocki, HR management and Melissa Olson, operations/materials management
  • 2005, Paul Treml, operations/materials management, marketing

Health Care Administration, Distinguished Student Award Winners

The distinguished student award recognizes exceptional performance and contributions made by a student in the Health Care Administration program at UW-Eau Claire.

  • 2014, Ariel Fuller
  • 2013, Heather Kjelstad
  • 2012, Rebecca Brunz
  • 2011, Caitlin Casey and Heather Ceaser
  • 2010, Kelsey Callahan
  • 2009, Patrick Senzig
  • 2008, Marie Tratnik and Carleigh Nelson
  • 2007, Bryan Bee
  • 2006, Laura Weiss
  • 2005, Matthew Mauthe
  • 2004, Carissa Behnke
  • 2003, Jennifer Kane Bever
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