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National Collegiate Sales Competition

National Collegiate Sales Competition


Koral Pischer, Kelsey Keiser, Jacob Hagglund, Steven Helgeson
Jerry Kollross, Dr. Bob Erffmeyer, faculty coaches
Team: 1st Place. Pischer took 3rd, Keiser placed 4th.



Melissa Erickson, Cameron Walther, Samuel Mimier
Jerry Kollross, coach
Team: 7th Place Runner-Up. Erickson finished 6th.

2012 Sales Team


Breanna Begin, Christina Kubitschek, Logan McCarville
Jerry Kollross, coach
Team: 6th runner-up. Begin advanced to the quarter finals. Kubitschek advanced to the semifinals.

2011 Sales Team


Travis Messmer, Emily Helmer, Megan Means, Bo Anderson  
Jessica Gardner, coach
Helmer advanced to the quarter finals.

2010 Sales Team


Matthew Beyer, Patrick Delehanty, Zachary Fletcher, Scott Hannan, Thomas Opitz
LaNette Flunker, coach

2009 Sales Team


Jason Wilson, Hjordi Danielson, Joseph Pichotta, Andrew Cooan
LaNette Flunker, coach

2008 Sales Team


Garett Ullom, Heather Maul, Jenna Weber, Sarah Wienke
LaNette Flunker, coach
Team placed 8th.

2007 Sales Team


Katrina Rademacher, Lindsay Renneau, Ann Lundberg, Bowie Burger
LaNette Flunker, coach
Team placed 5th. Rademacher placed 3rd in the overall competition. Renneau made it to the quarter finals.

2006 Sales Team


Katie Anderson, Brandon Hall, John Kyriagis, Lindsey Zastrow
LaNette Flunker, coach
Team placed 6th. Zastrow took first in the service category and 4th in the overall competition.

2005 Sales Team


Kristy Weiss, Jane Frey, Jennifer Long
LaNette Flunker, coach
Team placed 7th. Weiss placed third in the service category of the competition.

2004 Sales Team


David Lenling, Marty Pitzen, Stephanie Mixdorf
LaNette Flunker, coach
Team placed 6th. Pitzen placed second in the service category of the competition.

2003 Sales Team


Elizabeth Coy, Jarred Onarheim, Mathew Strong
Bob Erffmeyer, coach

Ball State University Regional Sales Competition

Ball State Sales Team 2012


Cory Conway, Patrick J. Connelly, Keenan Meitner, Aaron Severson
Jerry Kollross, coach
Severson took first in his division.

The Florida State University International Collegiate Sales Competition

FSU 2014 Competition


Kelsey Keiser, Koral Pischer, Liz Verkuilen, Abby Yurish
Jerry Kollross
, coach
Team tied for 2nd. Pischer placed in the Top 8. Keiser finished in the Top 12.

Florida State University Sales Competitors


Jacob Hagglund, Kelsey Keiser, Callie Johnson, Arianne Thompson
Jerry Kollross, coach
Team placed 1st.
Keiser placed 1st.

Northern Illinois World Collegiate Sales Open Finals

NIU Competition


Timothy Bortner, Nicole Foyt, King Sheng “Billy” Goh, Katrina Smith
Jerry Kollross, coach
Nicole Foyt was selected as a Top 20 finalist. She advanced to the championship competition at NIU where she placed 11th overall. Her other scores were as follows: Role Play 1: 15th Place; Role Play 2: 9th Place; Appointment Call: 15th Place; Elevator Pitch 1 (Up): 13th Place; Elevator Pitch 2 (Down): 7th Place; Reverse job fair: TBA.

UW-Eau Claire Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up

2012 Sales Warm-Up Winners


Overall Champion: Cameron Walther. 1st Runner-Up: Melissa Erickson.
Jerry Kollross, coach

2007 Sales Warm-Up Winners


Best Overall Team. Overall Champion: Heather Maul. 1st Runner-Up: Garrett Ullom. 2nd Runner-Up: Jenna Weber.
LaNette Flunker, coach

William Paterson University Russ Berrie Institute National Sales Challenge

RBI Sales Challenge Competitors


Brandi Bawek, Christopher Cull, Elle Fox, Steve Helgeson
Jerry Kollross, coach
Team results: 8th overall. Bawek placed 7th overall and placed 3rd in role play competition

Paterson University Sales Team 2012


Nick Adams, Connor Meloy
Jerry Kollross, coach
Team results: 4th overall. Meloy took 6th place overall in the speed selling competition.


Matthew Brady, Sarah Wienke
LaNette Flunker, coach
Team results: 6th overall. Wienke placed 7th in speed selling and 18th overall. Brady placed 8th in in-basket and 19th overall.

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