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Internship sites are needed for students majoring in business administration, accounting, finance, information systems, international business, management and marketing.

An internship is an educational experience which incorporates productive work experience as a regular part of a college student’s curriculum. Through this experience, students are given the opportunity to improve their basic work skills, test career choices, develop professional competence and witness classroom theories and principles being applied in real world situations.

Internship programs vary from organization to organization. Some companies have developed programs that give students an overview of the key functions within the company before assigning them responsibilities in a specific area. Other organizations use interns for special projects. They hire students whenever they need extra assistance or a fresh approach to an old problem

The College of Business recognizes internship experiences as an important part of a student’s academic program. Any junior or senior student who is admitted to the College of Business, is in good academic standing, and has satisfied specific departmental course prerequisites and policies may participate in the business internship program.

The UW-Eau Claire Business Internship Program is administered by the university’s Career Services Office and the College of Business departments of Accounting and Finance, Management and Marketing, and Information Systems.

Note: To qualify as a College of Business approved internship, students are expected to have work assignments that provide value to the hosting organization, while engaged in college-level learning experiences. Accordingly, and in compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, the college does not support unpaid internships within for-profit organizations. College of Business majors have the option of earning university credit for their internships. Alternatively, approved internships may be recorded on their university transcript as a non-credit learning experience. For more information about developing internship positions within your organization, contact the appropriate department chair:

Examples of past projects performed by UW-Eau Claire interns

Accounting and Finance

  • Participated in internal financial and operational audits for corporations, state and federal agencies, and nonprofit organizations
  • Helped prepare audit working papers and reports
  • Prepared state and federal corporate and individual income tax returns
  • Computed contingent liabilities, reserves and long-term debt requirements
  • Accumulated accounts payable and receivable information
  • Helped develop accounting and financial policies
  • Helped develop analysis of manufactured products

Information Systems

  • Participated in SAP/ERP implementation projects
  • Participated in computer network development and administration
  • Helped develop EDI, ETL, and other data/information exchange software systems
  • Trained users on new software applications
  • Worked with system users to gather new system requirements
  • Helped develop and maintain web sites and mobile apps


  • Helped develop inventory control standards
  • Coordinated the timely delivery of finished products to the shipping lines
  • Documented changes in software, system or procedures
  • Adjusted staffing in response to fluctuating throughput requirements
  • Conducted initial interviews  and reference checks for nonexempt positions
  • Conducted salary surveys and helped develop the salary structure
  • Wrote HR policy manuals and developed employee training programs


  • Constructed, administered, and analyzed satisfaction and opinion surveys
  • Analyzed sales and other data to find trends
  • Made sales calls and closed sales
  • Developed and implemented an integrated marketing communication campaign
  • Planned and implemented special events
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