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About Us

Serving the region through real-world student learning experiences

Every year, hundreds of students from the UW-Eau Claire College of Business interact with the business community throughout the Chippewa Valley and beyond. Client organizations reap the benefit of fresh ideas and unique perspectives our students bring to these experiential learning experiences.

Interactions can take many forms—students participate in applied class projects, service-learning and internships that enhance their education and bring value to the community. Connections are also made when business leaders share with students case studies from their companies that expose them to real-life issues.

Do you have a project that could be a great learning experience for a student or a group of students? Is there a case study that you would be willing to share with a class or student organizations? We would like to hear from you.

Ann Rupnow,
Coordinator, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
UW-Eau Claire College of Business

Business Outreach

Ann Rupnow, MBA
Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Coordinator

Phone: 715.836.5026
Office: Schneider Hall 452

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