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Cargill Technology Center

Schneider Hall Room 204

The Cargill Technology Center is a conference-style room featuring 42 workstations equipped with Windows-based computers with flat panel monitors.

Business students use the center for a variety of classroom activities and functions, to include business case analysis, survey design, new business idea generation, business planning, and systems development.

Lab Software

  • AC Nielsen, software for category management using real product data
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5, an integrated design environment used to create and publish content for print and the web
  • Arena, simulation modeling software
  • Catalyst, a manufacturing productivity software package for small manufacturers that includes planning, scheduling, and inventory control capabilities
  • IDEA, data analysis software used to satisfy financial statement auditing objectives, as well as serve as a tool for account reconciliations, basic data mining, fraud investigations, operational/internal auditing, file transfers, and preparation of management reports
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Oracle Client and Developer Tools, a business-class database management system
  • SPSS, software used to solve business and research problems using statistics
  • Visual Paradigm, a cross-platform visual UML modeling and CASE tool
  • Visual Studio.NET, an object-oriented application development environment, software used to visually design Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases and create reusable data access queries
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