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July 7, 2014

College of Business introduces new mission and culture statements

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire College of Business has new mission and new culture statements. Both statements identify students and their success as a major focus.

"Our new mission statement, "The College of Business prepares students for success", means the education you receive as a UW-Eau Claire business student gives you the foundation you need to achieve your personal goals," explained Dr. Diane Hoadley, dean of the College of Business. "This foundation is relevant, whether your path to success involves becoming a CPA, managing a non-profit organization, owning your own business or pursuing some other career."

The new mission statement was written by a subcommittee consisting of faculty, instructional and professional academic staff, and classified staff. Members of the committee were Dr. Doug Olson, chair, Ms. Ashley Brott, Dr. Liqiang Chen, Dr. Dawna Drum, Ms. Cynthia Hofacker, Mr. Jerry Kollross, Dr. Bill Ogden, and Ms. Jeri Weiser.

The subcommittee also drafted a series of statements that defined the college's shared values and organizational culture. The first culture statement, "We consider students first in everything we do", recognizes the important role students play within the College of Business.

"Students are at the center of everything we do," explained Olson. "This statement reminds us to continue to take their needs into consideration when developing new programs, policies and practices."

The remaining culture statements recognize the importance of providing students with engaging learning experiences, the value of inquiry and lifelong learning, the importance of developing and maintaining relationships outside the college, the value of diversity and its richness, and the importance of caring for and supporting one another.

Drafts of the mission and culture statements were reviewed by the entire College of Business faculty and staff, as well as by alumni, recruiters, and business and student advisory board members. Based on this feedback, the statements were revised and final versions were approved at a college-wide meeting in May.

The new mission and culture statements can be found on the college's website. They will also be displayed in the college for all to see and remember.

"Our mission and culture statements define who we are and what we value as a community," said Hoadley."They give us direction and set a tone for how we interact with our students, colleagues and others."

Our College Mission

"The College of Business prepares students for success."

Students completing a degree program are prepared to achieve success, whether their next step is employment in their chosen field, graduate study, not-for-profit work, a new career, or a new direction for their current career. Our undergraduate and graduate curricula are designed to provide students with the content knowledge and skills needed to achieve success throughout their careers and lives.

Our College Culture Statements

We consider students first in everything we do.

Students are our number one priority. We care deeply about their success and work with them with a high level of integrity and passion.

We provide engaging experiences.

Students receive exceptional instruction from faculty, and also have numerous opportunities to participate in activities and interact with faculty and staff outside of class. These experiences, which include internships, international study, and community service, are all part of our focused and integrated learning environment.

We model life-long learning.

Our faculty transfers its spirit of inquiry to students by sharing their research with them. Our faculty and staff consistently work to improve what they do and how they do it, and serve as examples of professional development.

We nurture and value relationships.

The business and alumni connections we have provide ideas and motivation to help us all do an excellent job for our students. They also provide advice to help us stay current with our fields, anticipate future professional needs and provide resources that serve our students well.

We respect the value of diverse perspectives.

We recognize the richness that a respectful and inclusive environment brings to our college.

We care about and support our colleagues.

When you come to our university and college you become part of a community. We support each other during difficult times and celebrate with each other during good times.

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.