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July 14, 2014

UW-Eau Claire study shows high placement rates for recent business grads

Ninety-seven percent of College of Business undergraduate students who graduated in December 2012, and May and August 2013 were employed or continuing their education, according to the latest post graduation study conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Career Services. The university-wide average was 94%.

Further analysis of the findings shows that 92% of UW-Eau Claire business graduates who responded to the survey were employed as compared to the university's average of 73%. An additional 5% of recent business graduates opted to continue their education rather than immediately enter the workplace, a figure significantly lower than the university's average of 20%.

"These findings support the fact that our business students have the preparation they need to begin their careers immediately after graduation," said Diane Hoadley, dean of the College of Business. "The quality of the education business students receive and our focus on internships and other high impact practices that engage them outside the classroom make them very marketable."

The post graduation survey was sent to all December 2012 and May and August 2013 UW-Eau Claire undergraduate graduates. Of the 2,080 students who received the survey, 63% (1,313 students) completed it. The College of Business had the highest response rate with 72% of all graduates completing the survey. Response rates for other the graduates were as follows: 64% for College of Arts and Science graduates, 57% for College of Education and Human Sciences, and 54% for College of Nursing and Human Sciences.

For more information about the survey, contact UW-Eau Claire Career Services.

Other findings from the 2013-24 UW-Eau Claire After Eau Claire Post Graduate Report

  • Most students had a job before leaving UW-Eau Claire. 70% of all respondents accepted a job offer prior to graduating. 27% reported finding a job one to four months after graduation and 3% indicated that it took five to eight months to find employment.
  • Past work or volunteer experience was the number one way recent graduates found jobs. 40% of all respondents reported working for their employer in the past as an intern, volunteer, or part-time or summer employee. Referrals from friends or family members were the second most popular way respondents found a job; 25% of respondents indicated that they used these networks.
  • The majority of recent graduates work for a private or for-profit business. 63% of all respondents reported that they were employed by a private or for-profit corporation, 18% worked in education, 14% worked for a private, non-profit organization, and 5% worked in government.
  • The reported average starting salary for recent graduates was highest for health care graduates. The average starting salary for College of Nursing and Health Sciences respondents was $51,517. Average salaries for respondents from the other colleges were as follows: $46,438 for College of Business, $36,800 for College of Arts and Science, and $33,646 for College of Education and Human Science.
  • 91% of recent grads work in the Midwest. 55% of all respondents worked in Wisconsin. Minnesota was the second most popular state; 30% reported working here.
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