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May 2, 2013

Faculty and staff: Thank you for your service

Excellence is sustained by the dedication of each and every person who works in the College of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Our thanks to the following faculty and staff members who will be recognized for their service at the 2013 UW-Eau Claire Service Recognition and Retirement Reception, Thursday, May 9, 2013 from 3–5 pm in the Davies Center Ojibwe Grand Ballroom. The formal recognition program will begin at 3:30 pm.

The College of Business would also like to recognize the following individuals who have served our college for five years:

  • Bonnie Krahn, College of Business
  • Dr. Ling Liu, Accounting & Finance
  • Dr. William Miller, Accounting & Finance
  • Dr. Julia Pennington, Management & Marketing
  • Dr. Scott Swanson, Management & Marketing.


  • Mr. Harry Harvey, Lecturer Emeritus, Management & Marketing
  • Ms. Jan Stewart, Classified Staff Emerita, College of Business MBA Program
  • Dr. Kathryn Ready, Professor,College of Business MBA Program
  • Dr. Robert Sutton, Associate Dean Emeritus, College of Business
  • Dr. Charles Tomkovick, Professor Emeritus, Management & Marketing. 

Years of Service

35 Years

  • Ms. Gail Nelson, Accounting & Finance

30 Years

  • Ms. Gretchen Hutterli, College of Business

25 Years

  • Dr. Todd Hostager, Management & Marketing
  • Dr. Kathryn Ready, Management & Marketing

20 Years

  • Ms. Ingrid Ulstad, Accounting & Finance
  • Ms. Theresa Wells, Management & Marketing

15 Years

  • Ms. LaNette Flunker, Management & Marketing
  • Dr. Paula Lentz, Business Communication
  • Mr. J. Dale Peters, Accounting & Finance
  • Dr. Rama Yelkur, Management & Marketing

10 Years

  • Ms. Pamela Blanchette, Management & Marketing
  • Dr. Dawna Drum, Accounting & Finance
  • Ms. Jessica Franson, iDocs
  • Dr. Thomas Hilton, Information Systems
  • Ms. Julia Lehman Caldwell, iDocs
  • Dr. Kristy Lauver, Management & Marketing
  • Ms. Linda Pophal, Management & Marketing
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