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April 1, 2013

Big changes with Student Professional Development Program

The format of the Student Professional Development Program (SPDP) will change as of the start of the fall 2013 semester.

The workshop sequence has been revised to deliver a more efficient and effective training program. Content has been condensed, where possible, and updated using feedback from students and professionals. The revised workshop series culminates in an evening of fine dining and socializing with business professionals and other guests.

“The formal dinner allows students to put into practice the skills they’ve learned during the first three workshops,” said Justin Gardner, SPDP co-coordinator. “It also lets them try out their networking skills in a risk-free setting. The more opportunities students have to develop these skills while they are on campus, the better prepared they will be when it really counts.”

The number of SPDP workshops students must take and the total price for the four-workshop series will remain the same. See box below for a comparison of the old and revised program.

Juniors and seniors who have started SPDP workshops but have not completed all four workshops should try to complete the entire program by the end of the spring 2013 semester. Although workshops are currently full, junior and seniors students will be allowed to add the workshops they need. Freshmen and sophomores who have started SPDP workshops may request to be overloaded into workshops this semester. However, priority registration will be given to juniors and seniors. To request an overload, please email

Students who have started the program but who will not finish this spring may contact the SPDP to determine which workshops they should register for in fall 2013. Students who haven’t started SPDP workshops are asked to wait until fall so they can experience the new workshop sequence.

For more information, contact Justin Gardner or Sheryl Poirier, SPDP co-coordinators, at

A comparison of the Old and Revised SPDP Program

Old SPDP Workshops
Prior to fall 2013

New SPDP Workshops
As of fall 2013


All workshops were to be completed prior to admission to the College of Business. Two workshops were completed freshman year. The remaining two workshops were to be completed sophomore year.

All four workshops can now be completed in one semester. All four workshops should be completed prior to admission to the College of Business.

Workshop content

Becoming a Business Professional ($18.75) and

New Workshop Yet to be Named ($18.75). Content from Becoming a Business Professional and Developing Your Professional Profile are combined into one workshop. The new workshop focuses on personal branding, networking, and professional profile development.

Developing your Professional Profile ($25.00)

Professional Appearance ($16.50)

Professional Image ($16.50). Content will address how to develop a professional first impression based on dress, speech, handshake and other factors.

Professional Etiquette ($38.75, meal included)

Dining Etiquette ($25.00, meal included). Proper dining techniques and social etiquette will be taught.

Networking Banquet has been added. ($38.75, meal included.) Students will dine in the company of business professionals who will also provide valuable feedback. 

This capstone experience is the culmination of the previous three workshops. Students will be able to put into practice all that they have learned in prior SPDP workshops.

Total price

$99.00 for all four workshops

No change. Total price for all four workshops remains $99.00.

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