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December 20, 2013

CHAASE seeks funds for new health care administration center

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Center for Health Care Administration and Aging Services Excellence (CHAASE) is seeking funds to remodel and furnish an administrative center in Schneider Hall for the health care administration program. The goal: to raise $125,000 by January 2014.

“The HCAD program has had many “homes” over the years—across the river in the Human Sciences and Services Building, on lower campus in the Nursing Building and more recently scattered in multiple locations in Schneider Hall,” said LaNette Flunker, HCAD practicum and CHAASE coordinator. “The administrative center will be the first permanent space for the HCAD program.”

The proposed center will feature office space for HCAD faculty and staff as well as spaces that will be used to visit with prospective students and their parents, hold student and faculty meetings, and interact with preceptors and current practicum students via video conferencing technology.

A HCAD Center in Schneider Hall is now a possibility because of Centennial Hall, the university’s newest academic building. A general shuffling of office space will occur as departments move out of their current buildings to Centennial Hall or other buildings on campus.

The fundraising effort is part of CHAASE’s Call to Lead campaign, a $2.5 million fundraising campaign to support the next generation of long term care leaders. To learn more about the campaign, visit or contact LaNette Flunker, UW-Eau Claire HCAD practicum and CHAASE coordinator.  

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