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April 23, 2012

Tuan Nguyen named 2012 Outstanding MBA Student

Tuan NguyenTuan Nguyen has been named the 2012 University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Outstanding MBA Student by the graduate faculty of the College of Business. An August 2011 graduate, Nguyen was selected from a pool of students that included August 2011 graduates, December 2011 graduates and May 2012 graduates. He will be recognized by the university at the 2012 University Student Excellence Awards reception on Wednesday, May 2.

Nguyen is a systems programmer analyst senior at Northwestern University – Enterprise Data Warehouse in Chicago, IL where he works in healthcare and medical research software development.

“Tuan has a very inquisitive mind and I was always impressed with the thought he put into both his questions and responses during class discussions,” said Dr. Scott Lester, UW-Eau Claire professor of management who had Nguyen as a student in the MBA program.“I really sensed that he was going to take the material we discussed in class and proactively apply it back in his place of work.”

Nguyen came to the United States from Vietnam in 2001 to study computer science at UW-Eau Claire. He graduated with a bachelor degree in computer science and a minor in business administration in 2006.

In 2006, Nguyen began his professional career at Marshfield Clinic where he designed, developed and supported software applications and infrastructure for clinical and hospital practice. See box below. Two years later, he began the UW-Eau Claire on-campus MBA program, attending graduate school in the evening while he continued to work full-time at Marshfield Clinic. 

In 2010, Nguyen moved into the Biomedical Informatics Research Center in the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation where he worked under the supervision of the chief enterprise architect to develop guidelines and policy, and design clinical and medical research application infrastructure for the research foundation.

As the lead programmer on the Wisconsin Genomics Initiative, Nguyen worked with Marshfield Clinic scientists to collect, process, and present genomics and clinical data for research and collaboration among several institutions. The project will provide tools for scientists to query aggregated data from Marshfield Clinic, Wisconsin Medical College, University of Wisconsin – Madison, and University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Nguyen also worked on the Adverse Drug Event - Natural Language Processing Pipeline with scientists from Marshfield Clinic and University of Wisconsin Madison Department of Bioscience. The group created an infrastructure pipeline to process clinical documents for machine learning. They collaborated with computer scientists to provide machine learning data and algorithm to detect adverse drug events.

Nugyen also has coauthored a number of papers which were presented at various professional associations. His most recent publication, Improving Workflow and Security: the Marshfield Data Submission Tracking System, was published in the proceedings of the American Medical Informatics Association 2012 Summit on Clinical Research Informatics. His co-authors were Luke Rasmussen, Laurel Verhagen, Peggy Peissig, and Justin Starren, MD, PhD.

To learn more about the UW-Eau Claire MBA program, contact Dr. Bob Erffmeyer, MBA director, or visit the program’s website at

While at Marshfield Clinic, Tuan Nguyen helped develop the following applications which combined technology, patient care, financial reporting and collaborative data sharing to improve patient health and the delivery of healthcare services:

  • Combined Medical Record, an Electronic Health Record system that allows physicians to view and edit patient documents, lab results, and radiology images.

  • Medical Electronic Coding, a billing system that allows physicians to manage patients’ symptoms, diagnosis, supplies, and vitals. The system also assigns the appropriate Current Procedural Terminology codes (CPT) and diagnosis codes (ICD9, ICD10) for billing purposes.

  • NDC Drug Index Maintenance, a system that enables pharmacists to manage medications available at the clinic pharmacy and track of medications administered to the patients for billing purposes using National Drug Codes (NDC) and the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS).

  • Document Interface, a set of programs and applications that enables external organizations and systems to interface with the in-house Combined Medical Record (CMR) system. The Document Interface system transforms Health Level Seven (HL7) messages, converts patient identifier data using an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI), and adds the documents into the clinic document system.

  • Document Manager, a documentation system that allows physicians to dictate and create documents using a combination of free text and structured macros.

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