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February 3, 2012

UW-Eau Claire Team to Compete at National Collegiate Sales Competition

Sales Team

From left to right: Breanna Begin, Logan McCarville, Christina Kubitschek, and Jerry Kollross (faculty coach)

Three University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire marketing students will represent UW-Eau Claire at the 14th National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC). The competition will be held March 2-5, 2012 at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, GA.

The UW-Eau Claire sales team consists of Breanna Begin, a senior marketing-professional sales major from Maple Wood, MN; Christina Kubitschek, a senior marketing major from Shoreview, MN; and team alternate Logan McCarville, a senior marketing major from Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Jerry Kollross, UW-Eau Claire Department of Management and Marketing, is the faculty coach.

A total of 128 students from 64 universities will attend the 2012 NCSC. Students will compete for awards, cash prizes, iPads and other prizes.

To get ready for the competition, the UW-Eau Claire team will be practicing sales calls every Friday afternoon with Kollross. They also will receive individual coaching from him during the week.  Kollross estimates that the UW-Eau Claire team will have about 20-25 hours of coaching time in before they leave for Nationals.

"We have the sales talent here at UW-Eau Claire to do very well at NCSC," said Kollross. "The competition can be intimidating, but if you know you are 100% prepared then there is really nothing to worry about."

Begin, Kubitschek and McCarville competed for UW-Eau Claire at the 2011 Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up held November 10-13, 2011. Begin was named the UW-Eau Claire School Champion at that event.

For more information about the UW-Eau Claire Sales Team, contact Jerry Kollross by email at or by phone at (715) 836-2953.

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