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July 11, 2011

UW-Eau Claire Accounting Student “Glad” for Internship Experience with McGladrey

Brittany Graber debated whether taking a semester off to complete an internship would be a worthwhile thing to do. After all, it was a big decision that would prolong graduation, require a move to a new city, and test her ability to apply her academic knowledge to a real-life work experience. However, when an accounting internship with McGladrey presented itself, she jumped at the chance.

McGladrey is the fifth largest provider of assurance, tax and consulting services with 7,000 professionals in nearly 30 offices in the U.S. “My internship at McGladrey provided hands-on work experience in auditing, allowed me to network with numerous employers and co-workers, and presented employment upon graduation,” said Graber.

Graber’s internship began with three weeks of training, followed by a daunting first audit. However, her supervisor took the time to explain each process completely and explained the reasoning for completing each task.

“Through each audit, I learned more about the procedures we conducted and began to understand and apply the knowledge that I was gaining. By the middle of my internship, I felt comfortable with what I was doing,” Graber said.

Working with presidents, CEOs and CFOs of organizations was very rewarding for Graber. She was able to work with a variety of individuals, and gained experience from their knowledge of accounting and business processes. “On each audit, there seemed to be something that was different from the last. This was one part of public accounting that I really enjoyed; I like learning new things and seeing the different business processes of each job,” she said.

Since Graber was assigned to the manufacturing, wholesale and distribution team, she rarely worked with the same person twice. It allowed her to work with a variety of individuals who were able to explain procedures to her in different ways, which helped her to fully grasp each concept.

“When looking back on the goals that I set for this internship, I am excited to say that I accomplished everything I hoped to,” said Graber. “I concluded my internship after three months with a job offer for the fall of 2012.”

Graber said that the internship also gave her insight as to the culture and atmosphere of the company, allowing her to feel that a future career with McGladrey would be a good fit. “I would encourage anyone and everyone to apply for an internship,” she said. “The experience gives individuals an actual test drive of the firm or career they may someday find themselves in.”

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