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April 18, 2011

American Marketing Association Finishes Contract with Small Business Development Center

By Karen Dahl

AMAThe American Marketing Association (AMA) recently finished a contract with the UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education Small Business Development Center working on real-world marketing projects with local businesses.

Senior Brad Cebulski, Vice President of Marketing Services for AMA, created Marketing Services positions within the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire AMA chapter. Marketing Services creates opportunities for AMA members to experience real-world marketing projects and interaction with local businesses.

The American Marketing Association has created “Affordable Integrated Marketing Solutions” (AIMS) which provides professional marketing services to businesses for favorable prices. AIMS will be the first organization within AMA to earn profits for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire AMA chapter.

AMA is always looking to provide real-world information and valuable experiences for its members. It encourages success and excellence, and is always seeking new ways to maintain its professionalism throughout the university and outside community.

AMA is a student-run professional business organization that offers students the opportunity to learn essential skills and leadership to prepare for a future in business. For more information, contact AMA President Kelli Renstrom at or visit the AMA website at

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