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April 11, 2011

UW-Eau Claire PSE Chapter Attends National Convention

Pi Sigma EpsilonFive members of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon attended the Pi Sigma Epsilon National Educational Foundation (NEF) National Sales and Marketing Convention in Orlando, Florida, from March 28-April 4, 2011. Over 500 students from colleges and universities across the United States attended the conference.

UW-Eau Claire students attending the event were Alexandra Flores, a senior computer science major from Yorba Linda, CA; Amber Gainor, a junior marketing major from Savage, MN; Anthony Ipekci, a freshman business administration major from Edina, MN, Nicholas Levin, a senior marketing-professional sales major from Eau Claire, WI; and Max VanOrdstrand, a junior marketing-professional sales major from Burnsville, MN .

Flores, Ipekci, and Levin, participated in the National Sales Pro-Am Competition, a year-long sales competition held at the five PSE fall regional conferences and the annual PSE NEF National Sales and Marketing Convention. Students were given a sales situation and had to conduct a business meeting in order to sell their ideas and services. Flores and Levin were selected as finalists for the sales competition. Over 100 students participating in the event and only the top 20 students were chosen as finalists.

Levin, who previously won a national public speaking competition at the Pi Sigma Epsilon regional competition, was the emcee for the conference’s keynote speakers during the workshops and events.

The national PSE conference featured numerous speakers and activities that focused on developing the students professionally and improving their competency with sales. Speakers included Jeff Kunkel, director of sales development for Vector Marketing Corporation; Same Reese, CEO of Miller Heiman; and Scott Stowell, loss prevention consultant for Liberty Mutual Group.

The Eau Claire chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon meets Tuesday evenings at 6 pm. Additional information about the group can be found on their website at Dr. Bob Erffmeyer and Ms. La Nette Flunker are co-advisers for the student group.

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