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March 17, 2011

American Marketing Association Takes on Nationals

By Laura Soderlund

AMAOver spring break this year the UW-Eau Claire American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter is traveling to New Orleans from March 24-27 to attend the 33rd Annual International Collegiate Conference. Last year the recently established chapter received 7th place as a Distinguished Chapter and is looking to take a better place this year.  

The upcoming conference will announce the winners to a number of competitions that the UW-Eau Claire AMA chapter has participated in throughout the year. The superior, outstanding, and distinguished chapters are awarded based on the Annual Report that each chapter submits that describes what the chapter has accomplished during the year. Each chapter rates themselves on different categories according to what their goals were at the beginning of the year.

The UW-Eau Claire chapter also nominated Rebecca Roberts as Student Marketer of the Year for her dedication and hard work as Vice President of AMA at Eau Claire. Roberts and AMA president Kelli Renstrom will give an informational speech at the conference about their regional conference that was held on Feb. 9. Their speech will help other chapters learn about useful strategies on holding a regional conference and provide insight on how other chapters could improve or hold a regional conference of their own.

Other competitions the chapter will participate in at New Orleans include the T-shirt exchange, the SABRE Business Simulation and the Chapter Exhibit. The T-shirt Exchange gives chapters the opportunity to interact and network with each other. UW-Eau Claire will give other chapters a unique t-shirt and participants will be able to vote for the chapter with the best t-shirt.

Another competition, the SABRE Business Simulation, involves six UW-Eau Claire AMA members that manage a simulated business by organizing a portfolio of products or services as they compete with other teams for market share and profit. The Chapter Exhibit, similar to a trade show exhibit, allows AMA collegiate chapters to create displays that show off their accomplishments. The UW-Eau Claire AMA chapter will compete in these three areas and awards will be announced during the conference.

UW-Eau Claire AMA members attending the conference are looking forward to spring break but also the opportunity to meet and network with other AMA chapters from around the world. The conference will provide valuable knowledge and experience that will help UW-Eau Claire AMA members to continue to make achievements as an AMA chapter.

AMA is a student-run professional business organization that offers students the opportunity to learn essential skills and leadership to prepare for a future in business. For more information about AMA, contact President Kelli Renstrom at or visit our website at

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