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April 27, 2010

Marketing Students Place 1st and 2nd Overall in Global Marketplace Competition

Overall Global Marketplace Competition Winners

Overall Global Marketplace Competition Winners for Spring 2010, from left to right: Cory Roskopf, Ben Collette, Danielle Saxe and Mike Walker.

GTL Computer Company and Animate, Inc., two University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire teams comprised of students from the Marketing 438 capstone course, took first and second place, respectively, in the Global Marketplace Business Strategy Competition administered by the University of Tennessee. Students representing GTL Computer were Ben Collette, Cory Roskopf, Danielle Saxe and Mike Walker. Animate was represented by Eric Deans, Jeremy Kuehl, Zach Morrison and Doug Wojchik.

Over 70 teams from business schools in the United States and Europe participated in the competition at the most difficult level, according to Joseph Bonner, associate professor of marketing and instructor of Marketing 438. In this international experience, UW-Eau Claire teams placed ahead of teams from Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Republic of Georgia, Greece and several schools in the United States.  

The 10-week Internet-based competition required teams to use a sophisticated computer program that simulates the ever-changing global marketplace. Students managed the start-up and growth of an entrepreneurial firm. The competition dealt with market analysis, business strategy, real-time competitive analysis and response, and the interplay between marketing, manufacturing, finance, and accounting. Marketplace won the 2003 Gold Award for Excellence in E-learning in the simulation category hosted by, an independent evaluator of e-learning tools.

UW-Eau Claire teams competed in 12 games, and finished in first place in 8 games, second place in 5 games third place in 2 games and fourth place in 1 game. Following are the results for UW-Eau Claire teams:

Spring 2010 Marketplace Global Competition Winners of the Strategic Corporate Management Games

Ultimate Grand Market Master (1st Place Overall): GTL Computer

Students: Ben Collette, Cory Roskopf, Danielle Saxe and Mike Walker

Ultimate Market Master (2nd Place Overall): Animate

Students: Eric Deans, Jeremy Kuehl, Zach Morrison and Doug Wojchik

Game 1
Grand Market Master (1st Place): Technology Solutions

Students: Kaitlyn Ellerman, Danielle Schweiss, Jenna Smith and Magan Wurdelman

Game 2
Market Master (2nd Place): Dynamix Computers

Students: Jonathon Fremming, Nicole Prahl, Vedran Uzeirovic and Ryan Wirth

Game 3
Market Leader (3rd Place): Go-Go Gadgets

Students: Jesse Evans, Matt Haug, Jessica Mattison and Arend Melby

Game 4
Grand Market Master (1st Place): Animate

Students: Eric Deans, Jeremy Kuehl, Zach Morrison and Doug Wojchik

Game 5
Grand Market Master (1st Place): Harrison

Students: Shelby Carlson, Brant Marple, Kristen Morgan and Tyler Weigel

Market Master (2nd Place): JK Enterprises

Students: Jared Knapp, Josh Kohls, Brad Kuhnen and Kyle Will

Game 6

Market Master (2nd Place): Ironclad Technologies

Students: Matt Beyer, Jenn Nelson, Kim Olson and Mandie Sieg

Market Leader (3rd Place): Savoir Faire

Students: Ryan Daley, Scott Klabunde, Jordan Lawrence and Nick Willcoxen

Game 7
Grand Market Master (1st Place): Prestige Worldwide
Students: Brooke Erickson, Katelyn Kooiker, Dan Rozumalski and Kimber Young

Market Master (2nd Place): Livefish Technology

Students: Lizzy Hoppe, Nate Kinney, Mike Ritzer and Derek Shuda

Game 8
Grand Market Master (2nd Place): Xavier Technology

Students: Tyler Cameron, Travis Messmer, Josh Richardson and Chad Spaude

Market Innovator (4th Place): Superior Technology

Students: Ryan Bailiff, Bryan Blake, Josh Garner-Haynes and Cody Swiatnicki

Game 9

Grand Market Master (1st Place): Abacus

Students: Mary Friday, Alicia Gillberg, Nicole Tischer and Amanda Wruck

Game 10

Grand Market Master (1st Place): Sabre

Students: Kelli Anderson, Zach Fletcher, Mike Moran and Lisa Thiermann

Game 11

Grand Market Master (1st Place): GTL Computer

Students: Ben Collette, Cory Roskopf, Danielle Saxe and Mike Walker

Game 12

Grand Market Master (1st Place): Wolfpack Computers

Students: Lindsey Crooker, Scott Hannan, Dan Mason and Garrett Samb

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