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April 23, 2010

College of Business Students and Faculty Present Research at 18th Annual Student Research Day

Eighteen College of Business students and nine business faculty members will present their findings at the 18th Annual UW-Eau Claire Student Research Day, April 26-28, 2010. Student Research Day posters will be on display in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Zorn Arena April 26, from 12 noon to 6:00 pm; April 27, from 8:00 am to 6 pm; and April 28, from 8 am to 12 noon.

The event is sponsored by the UW-Eau Claire Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

A Student Research Day reception will also take place at 3:45 pm on Monday, April 26 in the Davies Center Tamarack Room. Student Research Day awards will be announced during the reception by Chancellor Brian Levin-Stankevich in a program that begins at 4:15 pm. The reception will also honor university colleagues who have received or applied for grants during the past year, have been members of the various University review committees, or who have made presentations at the Faculty/Academic Staff Forum Series.

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2010 Business Student and Faculty Research Projects


Eric Landis Becker, senior, operations/materials management

  • Faculty advisor/collaborator: Kristina A. Bourne, Management and Marketing
  • Research: Becoming a Global Leader: Examining the Barriers for Chippewa Valley Businesses 

Drew Arthur Bowlsby, senior, business economics; Robyn Maureen Fennig 

  • Faculty advisor/collaborator: Sanjukta Chaudhuri, Economics 
  • Research: The Economics of Drinking: Evidence from the UW-Eau Claire Campus

Kelsey Ann Callahan, senior, health care administration 

  • Faculty advisor/collaborator: Douglas M. Olson, Management and Marketing 
  • Research: A Study of Long Term Care Leadership Teams and their Influence on Organizational Quality Outcomes

Drew R. Christensen, sophomore, business economics; Laurelyn Elise Wieseman; April Christine Ross 

  • Faculty advisor/collaborator: Eric M. Jamelske, Economics 
  • Research: The Chippewa Valley Center for Economic Research and Development Cash for Clunkers Project: An Overview of the Guidelines and Goals of the Program and an Assessment of the Program’s Success

Teresa Denise Higgins, senior, marketing analytics 

  • Faculty advisor/collaborator: Robert C. Erffmeyer, Management and Marketing 
  • Research: Exploring Online Course Evaluation Response Rates

Clayton Joseph Theiler, sophomore, accounting; Ashley Nicole Hofer 

  • Faculty advisors/collaborators: Chuck Tomkovick, Management and Marketing; Rama Yelkur, Management and Marketing 
  • Research: Predicting Super Bowl Ad Likeability in the New Millennium

Nicole Ann Huebner, senior, marketing and business economics 

  • Faculty advisors/collaborators: Sanjukta Chaudhuri, Economics 
  • Research: The Impact of Economic Recession on Labor Force Outcome: Do Gender and Ethnicity Matter?

Nicholas John Kuqali, senior, business economics; Benjamin Thomas Ponkratz, junior, management; Paul Charles Stroik; Matthew Louis Sackmann

  • Faculty advisors/collaborator: Eric M. Jamelske, Economics
  • Research: The Chippewa Valley Center for Economic Research and Development Global Warming Project: What do Students and Households Think About Global Warming?

Jennifer A. McKee, senior, health care administration

  • Faculty advisors/collaborators: Jennifer L. Johs-Artisensi, Management and Marketing; Paula J. Lentz, Business Communication
  • Research: “Resident for a Day"—How a Simulation Experience Influences Future Leaders in "Culture Change"

Tidie Tianda Rizanoor, senior, IS

  • Faculty advisor/collaborator: Bruce Lo, IS
  • Research: A Comparison of Web-audience Behavior among Geographically-dispersed Groups with Common Cultural Heritage

Kerry Ann Samples, senior, management

  • Faculty advisors/collaborators: Nancy Jo Hanson-Rasmussen, Management and Marketing
  • Research: Opportunities, Barriers and Best Practice: Employment of Workers with Limited English Proficiency in Western Wisconsin

Cara Mee Shimon, senior, management; Sarah Katherine Gonzalez; Rogelio Encizo, Jr.

  • Faculty advisors/collaborators: Jodi Marie Thesing-Ritter, Kirby D. Harless, Lissa Jo Martinez
  • Research: The Personal and Academic Impact of Pre-College Mentoring on Middle and High-School Students

Benjamin James Ziemann, senior, business economics and finance; Eric Peter Nohelty, senior, finance and business economics; Matthew Michael Porwoll, sophomore, business economics and finance; Brian Joseph Wood, senior, finance and business economics; Zachary Michael Hines

  • Faculty advisors/collaborators: Eric M. Jamelske, Economics
  • Research: The Chippewa Valley Center for Economic Research and Development Investment Track Project: A Market Overview and an Analysis of Alternate Investment Strategies 2007-Present


Baterdene Lkhagvadorj, MBA student

  • Faculty advisor/collaborator: Bruce Lo, IS
  • Research: Marketing to the World in Cyberspace: How Major International Banking Corporations Reach out to the Global Marketplace through Their E-business Websites?
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