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April 19, 2010

UWEC Students Win Scholarship Awards in Target Video Game Reinvention Case Study

Three teams, primarily consisting of Information Systems (IS) majors, recently competed in the Target Video Game Reinvention Case Study, funded by a $4000 grant through the Target Company.

Jessica Lozano-Williams, Campus Recruiter for the Human Resources department at Target, coordinated the study with Don Gaber, IS Lecturer for the College of Business, and Dawna Drum, the College of Business Coordinator of Instructional Technology.

The video game industry is highly competitive and generates more than $67 billion in annual sales. Retailers compete for a portion of this revenue taking $9 billion annually worldwide. The industry is constantly transforming and today revenue is driven primarily by an increase in game sales to the casual gamer. “We don’t tend to attract the traditional ‘hard-core’ gamer as much as other retailers but we do have unique guest segments in our stores that are now shopping the gaming space because of the technology shifts that are occurring, like empty nesters. The meaning of ‘gaming’ is shifting…” says Mike Sullivan, Target Innovation.

The teams were asked to present a proposal to Target Technology Services on how Target can reinvent the video aisle to improve accessibility, clarity, and education. To accomplish this, students had to employ more than just their technical skills. Because they were required to write a paper as well as formally present their solution to the Target team judges, creativity, written and oral communication skills and business strategy all played a part in the final solutions.

The third place team received $200 for each individual and consisted of John Cusick and Steve Czech. The second place team members each received $300 and consisted of Jesse Brandenburg, Justin Pries, Matt Schultz, and Daidre Skweres. The first place team members each received $500 and consisted of Josh Goldner, Jeremiah Isaacson, Casey Long, and Justin Turney.

Target Video Game Reinvention Case Study

Front row, from left to right: Josh Goldner (IS), Daidre Skweres (IS), Dawna Drum (UWEC), Jesse Brandenburg (IS), Matt Schultz (IS)

Second row, from left to right: Casey Long (HIST), Justin Turney (IS), Jeremiah Isaacson (IS), Justin Pries (IS), Steve Czech (IS), Don Gaber (UWEC)

Not pictured: John Cusick (IS)

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