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November 30, 2010

Fall 2010 Sim Super Bowl Winners Announced

SIM SuperbowlStudents in Management 449 classes tested their knowledge of business at the Fall 2010 Sim Super Bowl, a three-hour competition where student teams applied what they have learned during their capstone Strategic Management course. The event was held Thursday, November 18, 2010 from 5:30-8:30 pm in the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Schneider Hall, Room 100.?

Teams used Glo-Bus, a computer simulation, where teams run digital camera companies in head-to-head competition against their classmates. Each team made decisions that affected their company’s performance and its rank within the global marketplace. Decisions ranged from R&D, camera components, and camera performance to production operations and worker compensation, to pricing and marketing, to the financing of company operations. 

Individual company and industry results were posted every 30 minutes and overall and industry leaders were announced at the end of the competition. Here are the 2010 Sim Super Bowl Champions:

1st Place, Game-To-Date Overall

?D Company (Industry 99): Bennett Gillen, Danielle Saxe, Kevin Sommerfeld, Brian Wood
?E Company (Industry 97): Jennifer Christenson, Crystal Gaestel, Bethany Ross?
G Company (Industry 96): Kari Bechtel, Josh Henninger, Derrick Matti Hitman

1st Place, Week #11

?E Company (Industry 97): Jennifer Christenson, Crystal Gaestel, Bethany Ross

1st Place, EPS

?Hitman Optics (Industry 95): Casey Clark, Laura Geckler, Jack Hoppe

1st Place, ROE

?Hitman Optics (Industry 95): Casey Clark, Laura Geckler, Jack Hoppe? 

1st Place, Stock Price

?Financial Fortitude (Industry 95): Jimena Arriola, Conor Daly, Adam Mallek, Tyler Swenson?

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