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Learning Goals

Learning Goals

There are many areas that the College of Business wants it students to excel in: functional knowledge, teamwork, adaptability, communications, globalization, technology, organization-wide perspective, ethical knowledge and more.

While all of the remaining areas are important, the college will focus its efforts on the following goals for its undergraduate and graduate programs. This decision is based on the belief that preparing students well in these areas will increase their chances for long-term success. 

College of Business Learning Goals and Outcome Statements

Written and Oral Communication

  • Students will write business documents that contain appropriate content, are organized effectively, demonstrate professionalism, and follow conventions for standard business English.
  • Students will demonstrate effective oral and nonverbal communication skills in business presentations, teams, meetings, interviews, and interpersonal contexts.


  • Team members will demonstrate effective interpersonal communication
  • Team members will demonstrate constructive behaviors
  • Teams will maintain effective team processes
  • Students will be able to self-assess their effectiveness as a team member.

Problem Solving

  • Students will understand and apply a structured process for solving problems
  • Students will identify and prioritize objectives when solving problems
  • Students will identify and address primary and secondary stakeholders when framing problems
  • Students will identify and question constraints when solving problems
  • Students will apply structured processes for exploring root causes of problems
  • Students will align decision criteria applied to evaluating alternatives with original objectives

BBA Common Body of Knowledge


  • Students will be able to use and interpret financial statements in business decisions.

Information Systems

  • Students will create an Excel workbook incorporating formulas, formatting, and data manipulation between worksheets.
  • Students will learn and apply the Input-Processing-Output model on projects/assignments.


  • Students will identify and explain appropriate measure of risk.


  • Students will identify the marketing mix and its associated components.
  • Students will understand market segmentation and identify the common bases used to segment consumer markets.

Operations Management

  • Students will appropriately address issues of process design in response to a strategic product positioning decision.
  • Students will identify and interpret critical inputs and outputs of production planning systems.


  • Students will be able to work in a team environment to develop appropriately structured mission and vision statements.

On-Campus MBA Degree

General knowledge and skill areas

  • Students demonstrate effective teamwork and communication in an organizational setting.
  • Students understand how to lead and participate within an organization in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

Management-specific knowledge and skill areas

  • Students understand the intricacies of operating in a diverse workforce and dynamic global business environment.
  • Students understand how to respond to the dynamic needs of customers, employees, stockholders and other organizational stakeholders.
  • Students understand how to secure competitive advantages through proper application of technology, innovation and operational efficiencies and effectiveness.

UW MBA Consortium Degree

General knowledge and skill areas

  • Students will recognize diversity as an area of significance in both their personal and their professional environment.
  • Students will practice effective respectful leadership skills, as a manager and as a team member, that demonstrate a sense of social and ethical responsibility.

Management-specific knowledge and skill areas

  • Students will anticipate the needs of customers, employees, stockholders, and other organizational stakeholders.
  • Students will secure competitive advantage through emphasis on quality, technology, and innovation
  • Students will demonstrate effective communication skills for a global business environment.
  • Students will evaluate organizations and predict their future success through interpretation of their financial data.
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