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Faculty and Academic Professional Staff Code of Conduct

As faculty and academic professional staff, we play an essential role in educating tomorrow’s business leaders. This code of conduct serves as a reminder of our responsibilities and obligations to our students, colleagues, college, and community.

With respect to students, we will...

  • Recognize and accept our responsibility as advisers, teachers, and mentors.

  • Maintain excellence in teaching, research, and service.

  • Provide accurate and complete academic and career guidance to our academic advisees.

  • Provide updated and timely knowledge to students.

  • Model the behavior and attitudes we want from our students.

  • Encourage positive student-faculty communication.

  • Acknowledge and value the contributions students make to the university.

  • Accommodate reasonable requests by students with varying academic and professional needs.

With respect to colleagues, we will...

  • Work collaboratively and cooperatively to help the college accomplish its mission.

  • Respect differences in research, teaching, and opinion.

  • Support colleagues in their academic endeavors.

  • Communicate with colleagues in a professional manner.

With respect to the college, we will...

  • Recognize and accept our responsibilities as members of the College of Business.

  • Teach courses—old and new—that meet our departments’ curricular needs.

  • Promote our departments, college, university, and disciplines to others.

  • Engage in scholarly activity at the level necessary to maintain our professional AACSB qualification.

  • Be on-campus during the workweek for meetings with colleagues and students.

  • Represent the College of Business in a positive manner to others.

With respect to community, we will...

  • Contribute time and talent to the university, and our local and professional communities.

  • Bring the community and students together.

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.