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Billy Ray Jackson"In 2009, I had no idea I would have the opportunities I do now. After eight years, I chose to leave the Marine Corps for my family. The economy looked bleak and I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. With a previous undergraduate degree in political science, I entered the UW-Eau Claire MBA foundation courses because I realized business strategies and concepts interested me and were compatible with my military experience.

A year later, after finishing the foundation courses and entering the on-campus MBA program at UW-Eau Claire, I was offered to interview at corporate job conferences in Chicago and Washington DC. After the conferences, I received two job offers and interest from many more companies that wanted to follow up with me. I accepted my "dream job" of working directly for a CEO of a large, private corporation. For all of the business students out there—I know firsthand that education is important. I would not have received the job offers I did had I not taken the UW-Eau Claire MBA foundation courses, which sharpened my business skills."

Billy Ray Jackson
On-Campus MBA Student

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