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150 Credit

The UW-Eau Claire BBA/MBA program enables you to meet the 150-hour CPA educational requirement through undergraduate and graduate study. The combination program is designed to be completed in five years.

As a student in this program, you will follow the requirements of the accounting major during your undergraduate years of study. This program is 120-credits and is designed to be completed in four years.

The last semester of your senior year, you will enroll in MBA courses while completing the remaining requirements for your undergraduate degree. To prepare for this semester you should take the GMAT and apply for special permission to enroll in graduate courses.

You must meet the following requirements to gain early admission to the MBA program:

  • satisfactory GMAT or GRE score

  • 3.0 undergraduate grade point average (on a 4.0 scale)

  • grade of C (not C-) or better in MBA course prerequisites

  • letters of recommendation from your academic adviser, graduate course instructor(s), and chair of the Accounting and Finance department

  • approval of the MBA program director.

  • Your admission to the MBA program is conditional pending the satisfactory completion of your remaining baccalaureate degree requirements and MBA admission requirements.

You may not exceed 15 combined undergraduate and graduate credits for the semester as an undergraduate student enrolled in graduate courses. Of these credits no more than nine credits may be from graduate courses. If your combined total enrollment is 12 credits, no more than six hours may be graduate credit. (Please refer to the Graduate Catalogue for additional information.)

As an undergraduate student enrolled in combined undergraduate and graduate courses, you pay only undergraduate fees for the semester. You are awarded a BBA degree in accounting upon successful completion of the semester.

You continue in the MBA program for the remainder of the BBA/MBA program. Most students are able to complete the MBA portion of the program in 2 years. Upon successful completion of the MBA program requirement you receive a Master of Business Administration degree.

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