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The Dennis L. Heyde Entrepreneur program within the Department of Management and Marketing offers a unique learning experience for students who aspire to either start their own business or secure employment in a growth-oriented business. The program helps students to identify viable career options in entrepreneur/intrapreneur environments, to expand conceptual and creative approaches to the entrepreneurial process, and to develop a repertoire of venture management skills. "Hands on" experiences with many guest speakers, field trips, and special projects are emphasized. Students expand their creativity into a viable business plan that is the major project for the program.

The program combines formal education with practical applications to develop skills in leadership, needs assessment, opportunity identification, resource development, strategic thinking, and risk taking. The ultimate goal of the program is to give the student an in-depth broad-based and practical education on the foundation of entrepreneurship.

We invite you to learn more about the program and the opportunities it presents for you.

Dennis L. Heyde Entrepreneur Program Information 

Kristy Lauver, PhD
Chair, Department of Management and Marketing

Ann Rupnow, MBA
Coordinator, Entrepreneurship and Economic


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