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Topics in Leadership

Community Leadership

A one-credit, experiential class designed to help students better understand what it means to be a community leader. Students develop their leadership skills by working with a wide variety of community organizations. They complete a semester-long group project for one of the organizations and present their work to the board of directors of the organization, as well as to the instructor and class. Students also submit individual reflection papers which enhances their understanding of the learning experience.

Ethics and Social Responsibility 

A one-credit course that takes a contemporary look at leadership and the ethical challenges experienced by business leaders. Students examine leaders’ responsibilities to shareholders, communities, employees and the environment and use critical reflection to determine why some leaders have struggled with ethics and social responsibility. Using reflection skills, students strengthen their personal leadership skills by analyzing how businesses address issues of social responsibility within organizations.

Gender and Leadership

A one-credit seminar course where students critically examine and analyze issues of gender and leadership. Students become familiar with contemporary issues surrounding gender and leadership; acquire a basic understanding of gender as a social and cultural phenomenon; analyze the influence of gender in society, organizations, and students lives; and finally integrate and extend this knowledge through self-awareness and reflection.

Habits of Leaders 

An intense, and highly interactive, two-day seminar. Friday’s seminar focuses on Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and how it can be applied to both effective self-leadership and group leadership. Students complete interactive tasks that allow them to explore their own values, goals, habits, and strengths. Saturday’s class is held at the UW-Eau Claire Eagle’s View Challenge Ropes Course. The Ropes Course experience promotes calculated risk-taking, enhances leadership and management skills, facilitates organizational change, and builds effective teams. Students often describe this experience as one of their most rewarding while at UW-Eau Claire.

Leadership in American Society 

A one-credit, highly participative course where students examine ideas and theories of leadership using images of leadership in American society. Students gain an understanding of leadership in our culture and in themselves by studying and discussing popular movies, music, and images.

Leadership in the Era of Green: Sustainable Management 

A one-credit course that looks at the challenges of sustainable business practice. The emphasis on “green” has prompted business leaders to be held accountable to the environment through the use of renewable resources and human rights concerns.

Leadership and Nonprofit Organizations 

A one-credit course which examines the role of leadership in the nonprofit organization. Students identify differences between nonprofit and profit organizations and identify the leadership qualities of successful nonprofit administrators. Students learn from local nonprofit leaders by listening to them speak in class and by visiting their worksites to gain a deeper understanding of the operational challenges and opportunities they face.

Leadership in Media

A one-credit course that links leadership and media in two ways. Students will explore leadership concepts using media in the form of movies as an analytical tool, and they will explore the opportunities and challenges of leading in today’s social media environment. To accomplish this, students will analyze and apply leadership theories and concepts to movies and also consider ways in which leadership can emerge and be applied in various forms of social media.

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