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Leadership Certificate

Course Descriptions

CJ 407, Leadership Communication - The theories, concepts, and skills for effective leadership communication. Focuses on leader traits, behaviors, influence, values, and ethics; on follower characteristics and needs; on situational variables; and on the influence of gender and diversity on leadership dynamics

MGMT 200, Developing the Leader Within You - Focuses on developmental leadership. The course helps participants gain a better understanding and awareness of themselves through the enhancement of self-worth and self-esteem.

MGMT 340, Organizational Behavior - A review of the theories and applications of behavioral science research in human organizations. Topics include motivation, group dynamics, communication, leadership, conflict, and change.

MGMT 446, Organizational Change and Development - Investigates the phenomenon of organizational change at the strategic, structural, and employee level. Specific emphasis on how companies adjust and develop to the changing global marketplace is provided.

MGMT 494, Topics in Leadership – Current issues in leadership are the focus of attention. Topics vary by semester and section. (See current Class Schedule for information.) Current mini-modules include Community Leadership, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Gender and Leadership, Habits of Leaders, Leadership in American Society, Leadership in the Era of Green: Sustainable Management, Leadership in Media, and Leadership and Nonprofit Organizations.

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