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Major & Minor

The IS major is for you if you’re interested in how people use computers to improve the performance of individuals and organizations. This major does not require a minor, but you may choose one if you want. The IS major provides knowledge required to enter a career as a systems analyst, an application developer, manager of information technology, or a network manager.

As an IS student you will learn to...

  • Accurately analyze complex organizational situations
  • Excel in communicating with both business professionals and computer specialists
  • Work effectively with people in project teams
  • Make ethical decisions regarding IS usage and management
  • Design and develop secure, usable databases, networks, and software
  • Lead in the management of people, information, data, hardware, and software
  • Enjoy lifelong learning in the rapidly changing IS field

Comprehensive Major

(60 credits/no minor required)

Business Analysis Emphasis
The business analysis emphasis serves students desiring to concentrate on managerial aspects of the IS field such as system design, project management, security policy development, and user relations.

Systems Development Emphasis
The systems development emphasis serves students desiring a relatively technical IS education aiming toward such professional activities as software engineering, system management, database administration, and web development.

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View course prerequisites for the Systems Development emphasis

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Information Systems Minor

(24 credits)

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