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Course Syllabi

The following table contains links to examples of IS course syllabi. The specific syllabus for a given course in which a student is enrolled will be provided by the instructor. Use the sample syllabi here to gain a general overview of the course.

Course #

Course Name

Service-Learning in IS

Information Systems in Business

Introduction to Database Applications

Fundamentals of Business Programming

Systems Analysis and Design

Business Software Engineering

Internship In Information Systems - I

Database Management Systems

Networking with Client Operating Systems

Security Policy Management

Server-Oriented Networking and Security

IS 384

Advanced Design and Development

IS 411

Object Oriented Systems

Internship in Information Systems - ll

Distributed Systems Development

Project Management

Seminar in Information Systems

Our IS students are ISA certified

IS majors sit for the Information Systems Analyst Certification exam sponsored by the Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals at the end of their program. Three quarters of our students, the second highest number at any participating institution, qualify for certification on their first attempt.


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