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Departments/Programs & Centers



Accounting and Finance
includes accounting and finance major and minor programs, and information about the VITA program

Business Communication
includes the advanced business communication certificate and the Business Writing Fundamentals Program.

Information Systems
houses the IS major, minor and certificate programs

Management and Marketing

includes major and minor programs of study in business administration, health care administration, international business, management (general, entrepreneur, HR, operations/materials management), and marketing (general, marketing analytics, professional sales)

Dennis L. Heyde Entrepreneur Program


Center for Advising, Development, and Enrichment (CADE)
is the College of Business hub for undergraduate academic advising and information about development and enrichment opportunities

Center for Health Administration and Aging Services Excellence (CHAASE)
housed within the Department of Management and Marketing, includes health care administration major

Center for Sales & Sales Management
housed within the Department of Management and Marketing, includes marketing major with a professional sales emphasis and sales certificate

College of Business Outreach

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