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The Advanced Business Communication certificate program is a special recognition awarded to students who have completed additional coursework in business communications and meet specific grade point requirements.

More than 20 percent of all UW-Eau Claire College of Business graduates completed this highly regarded program each year.

For more information, contact Dr. Paula Lentz, academic program director, UW-Eau Claire Business Communication Program.

Advanced BCOM Certificate

(completion of five courses)

Students select any of the following courses to reach 10 credits:

  • Bcom 206, Business Writing (or Bcom 216)
  • Bcom 207, Business Presentations (or Bcom 217)
  • Bcom 306, Advanced Business Writing
  • Bcom 307, Advanced Business Presentations
  • Bcom 308, Technology for Business Communication
  • Bcom 405, Advanced Business Communication
  • Bcom 490, Internship in Business Communication
  • Bcom 491, Selected Topics in Business Communication
  • Bcom 495, Directed Studies
  • Bcom 499, Independent Study – Seniors

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» Advanced BCOM Certificate Application

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