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Advanced Business Communication Certificate

business communicationThe Advanced Business Communication Certificate is a special recognition awarded to students who have completed additional coursework in business communications and meet specific grade point requirements. Students can earn the certificate by completing five of the following courses with grade of B- or better:

  • BCOM 206 - Business Writing (or
    BCOM 216, Business Writing II)
  • BCOM 207 - Business Presentations (or BCOM 217, Business Presentations II)
  • BCOM 306 - Advanced Business Writing
  • BCOM 307 - Advanced Business Presentations
  • BCOM 308 - Technology for Business Communication
  • BCOM 405 - Advanced Business Communication

After completion of required coursework, or during the semester in which you will complete five of the six courses, complete and submit the application (below).

Advanced BCOM Certificate Documentation



Check courses completed:


, or BCOM 217, Business Presentations II

Term when coursework will be completed:


Will the completion of required coursework coincide with your graduation?:


If yes and you live out of the Eau Claire area, provide an address where your certificate can be mailed:

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