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Accounting is the field of study that focuses on developing and providing financial information about business, including information about the cost of products manufactured or services provided and about governmental and not-for-profit organizations. Internal and external decision makers as well as other stakeholders of the organization use this information.

As an accounting student you will learn to...

  • Prepare, analyze and verify financial documents in order to provide information to internal and external clients
  • Become proficient in accounting and auditing software
  • Understand the importance of ethics in the accounting profession
  • Excel in communicating accounting and financial information clearly and concisely
  • Work effectively with people in project teams
  • Lead in the management of people and financial information
  • Enjoy lifelong learning in the rapidly changing accounting field

Careers in accounting include public accounting, financial accounting, managerial accounting, internal auditing, and tax accounting.

Comprehensive Accounting Major

(60 credits/no minor required)

An all-inclusive program that prepares students for entry level accounting positions. Students in the program develop communication, interpersonal, technical and critical thinking skills, which are highly valued by organizations seeking to employ accountants.

Graduates with this major are eligible to take the examinations for the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) designation

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Accounting Minor

(24 credits)

Provides a general understanding of accounting and its role in society

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Audit and Control Minor

(27 credits)

Combines knowledge of accounting and auditing with an in-depth understanding of information systems applications, networks, database designs, and security.

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