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The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) is one of the best leadership and team-building programs in the country. It can be part of your college experience, no matter what your major is. ROTC graduates excel in any career field they choose—be it military, government, education, health care or business.

Every aspect of ROTC is designed to give you the organizational skills and real world experiences you need to lead others. Classes are purposely small to help you grow as an individual and gain a sense of camaraderie with fellow students. Courses are taught by the military cadre—ROTC faculty and staff who are proven leaders. They will guide and coach you, working with junior and senior cadets who serve as mentors to students beginning the program. When you complete ROTC, having earned the gold bar of a second lieutenant, you will be able to speak well in public, take charge when necessary, get things done through others, and be counted on to watch over the safety and well-being of those under your charge.

Looking for money for college? As a contracted ROTC cadet, you will receive substantial scholarships that cover tuition, housing and other expenses, including airfare and tuition for international study. You also will be paid a nontaxable monthly allowance—$300-$500 additional spending money—while you are in school. In return, you commit to serving a set number of years in the U.S. Army on active duty or as part of the National Guard or Army Reserve.

While you may join ROTC for a variety of reasons—to serve your country, pay for college, develop a healthy and fit lifestyle, begin a career as an Army officer—you will graduate from the program as a leader for life.

We invite you to learn more about the Army ROTC experience.

Army ROTC Program Information

Assistant Professor, Military Science:
Daniel Walsh, MAJ

  • Office: Schneider Hall 113
    Phone: 715.836.4567

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