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Student Employment Opportunities

CJ federal and non-federal work study positions available


  • CJ Department office assistant:
    Perform receptionist and general clerical tasks as assigned. Learn and be familiar with goals and values of the Department. Prefer competency in Word and Excel with strong writing and visual communication skills; availability for two hour shifts.

  • Visual Communication lab assistant:
    Assist faculty and students requested. Ability to process directions and work independently; Maintain and keep lab clean; maintain equipment and inventory; campus errands as assigned.  Skills and experience in working with an SLR camera, digital camera, Photoshop, Macintosh computers, and scanner and printer operations preferred.

  • Broadcasting lab assistant:
    Assist broadcast journalism faculty as requested; perform tasks as assigned relevant to operations of the TV and radio labs; assist students; maintain equipment and lab inventory; campus errands or other tasks as assigned. Applicants must have completed CJ 241-Audio and Video Production Process, and have minimum 2.80 GPA.

  • WUEC student-managed radio station has paid staff positions in areas of station management, public relations, news and program production. Recruitment announcements for paid, intern, service learning or volunteer positions can be found at

    Contact Judy Gatlin, academic department associate, 836-2933, if interested.

    For information about other jobs on campus, visit the office of financial aid Job Board.