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Make a Gift

George Stephanopoulos

There are many ways to support the Ann Devroy Fund:

  • Outright contribution.
  • Gifts of securities (stocks, bonds).
  • Planned gifts that will be available well into the future.
  • Matching gifts from your and/or your spouse's employer.

The monies are used to support the Ann Devroy Fellowship and covers the expenses for the Devroy Forum.

"Ann Devroy was the toughest and fairest White House reporter I knew. She knew when she had a story, and she knew when to kill one. She revered the office of the presidency and the role that reporters play in keeping it honest."

- George Stephanopoulos, ABC News analyst, 'This Week' anchor and Ann Devroy Memorial Fund contributor

 Gifts to the Ann Devroy Fund are made through the UW-Eau Claire Foundation.