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Ann Devroy Memorial Forum

 Ann Devroy  

Ann's story

Learn more about Ann Devroy, who made such a lasting impression on the world of journalism, through the comments of fellow journalists and friends. Read about her education at UW-Eau Claire, her career and how she dealt with her illness.

 Bob Kaiser  


Read how Ann's former colleagues worked to establish an internship that's awarded each year to an outstanding journalism student who shares Ann's strong interest in a career in journalism.



Read the full transcripts or watch video of the presentations by well-known journalists featured at the Devroy Forum.


Devroy Fellows

Meet the Devroy Fellows. Read their comments on what the opportunity meant to them and learn what they are doing today.

 George Stephanopoulos  

Make a gift

Discover how you to can participate in the Devroy Forum anniversary celebration through a gift to the Ann Devroy Memorial Fund. Find out how to contribute, whether it's by credit card, check, electronic transfer or a planned gift.