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** No CJ scholarships are available at this time **

The Department of Communication and Journalism is grateful to the donors who have contributed funding to provide scholarships for our students.  Currently, there are 30 scholarships available through the Department of Communication and Journalism. A majority of the scholarships apply to specific majors and/or areas of emphasis, while others pertain to all departmental majors and/or areas of emphasis.

If you are interested in applying, we recommend you first check the scholarships listed for your declared academic major. The scholarships listed below are organized according to the three following majors and areas of emphasis offered in Communication and Journalism:


  • Organizational Communication
  • Communication Studies
  • Public Communication

  • Journalism
  • Print Journalism
  • Broadcast Journalism

  • Advertising
  • Public Relations

Scholarships that pertain to all majors and/or emphases in Communication and Journalism are listed at the end of this site in the category, "Scholarships Applicable to all Communication and Journalism Majors." Scholarships for students who are involved with the Spectator are also listed at the end of the site in the category, "Scholarships for Spectator Excellence."

The criteria and funding vary for each scholarship; the criteria are set by the donors, most of whom are graduates of the Department of Communication and Journalism.  Updated information on scholarship availability and award amounts can be found in the current CJ Scholarship announcement.

  • Some of the scholarship applications are available in the fall semester, although most are available in the spring. Applications available in the fall are indicated by an (F), those available in the spring by an (S).

  • Scholarships exist to help students with a variety of interests. For example, several scholarships assist students who plan to study abroad; others are created for those who would like to pursue an internship. A number of scholarships are funded for students who work with the Spectator, WUEC-FM, TV-10, and/or SRI. There are scholarships for students with an interest in photography, graphic design, advertising, public relations, organizational communication, and public speaking. We offer scholarships for U.S. American students of color with African, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, or Asian descent, as well as international students and students with a documented disability.

  • Several of the scholarships require the applicant to demonstrate financial need; this must be done by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Those scholarships are marked with an asterisk (*).  In order to demonstrate financial need for the scholarship, the FAFSA on file must indicate some level of financial need. 

  • If you choose to apply for one or more of the scholarships, read the criteria listed in the application description. Thoroughly address the required criteria and submit your application(s) by the due date.

    • Include your name and scholarship name in all file names
    • Some (not all) scholarships require one to "demonstrate financial need"
      • That means you must have applied for a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
      • You must have a FAFSA on file and that FAFSA  must indicate some level of financial need
      • It is your responsibility to go to the Financial Aid office and pick up the following form:
        • " Verification of Need for Scholarship"
        • Scan that form and submit it via email with your application
    • The scholarship application asks for "Credits in Progress."
      • Please ONLY indicate credits in progress for the current semester.
      • Provide ACCURATE information on your application.


Conner Spectator Excellence and Promise Award(S)
    - Students do not apply for this award-

Dave Gordon Reporting Scholarship(S)


Other Information

Updated application information on scholarships will be published after funding is verified in early March. Awards are disbursed during the following academic year.

Scholarship awards which are $500 or more will be split between the two semesters.  Exceptions will only be made for awards given to students who are graduating in the fall of the next academic year. Scholarship availability is contingent upon funding and subject to change.

* - require the applicant to demonstrate financial need