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CJ Scholarships

The Department of Communication and Journalism is grateful to the donors who have contributed funding to provide scholarships for our students. There are approximately 30 scholarships available through the department. 

No scholarship applications are available at this time.

The criteria and funding vary for each scholarship; the criteria are set by the donors, most of whom are graduates of the Department of Communication and Journalism.  

  • Some of the scholarship applications are available in the fall semester, although most are available in the spring. Applications available in the fall are indicated by an (F), those available in the spring by an (S).

  • * scholarships require the applicant to demonstrate financial need

The scholarships listed below are designated specifically for Communication and Journalism students.

Communication and Journalism Scholarships


Descriptions of CJ scholarships (sign in with your UWEC username and password)


  • Marshall B. Atkinson Journalism Scholarship(S) 

  • The Chippewa Herald Scholarship(S)      

  • Conner Spectator Excellence and Promise Award(S)  - Students do not apply for this award

  • *The Greater Milwaukee Foundation Journal Foundation/Walter Jay and Clara Charlotte Damm Scholarship (F)

  • Ann Devroy Fellowship(S)          

  • Excellence in Communication (S)

  • *James E. Fields Journalism Scholarship(S)         

  • Joanne Friedrick Scholarship for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism(S)        

  • Joseph Giordano Memorial Scholarship(S) - Students do not apply for this award

  • Dave Gordon Reporting Scholarship(S)  

  • William S. Cody Hall Memorial Scholarship(S)    

  • William Randolph Hearst Journalism Scholarship(S)       

  • *Lee and Esther Sanford Hench Memorial Scholarship(S)            

  • *Hobart Street Friends(S)          

  • *John T. Hoffland Memorial Scholarship(S)        

  • Stephen J. Koepp Journalism Fellowship (S)        

  • *Catherine and Greg Leaf Public Relations Scholarship(S)            

  • Henry Lippold Fellowship(S)      

  • *Jill Muenich Organizational Communication Study Abroad Scholarship(S)          

  • Arthur L. Murray Memorial Journalism Award(S) - Students do not apply for this award

  • Outstanding Journalism Recognition Scholarship(S) - Students do not apply for this award

  • Leslie D. Polk Scholarship(S)       

  • *Robert and Karin Sampson Nontraditional Student Scholarship (S)        

  • Cindy Schott Humanitarian Award(S)     

  • *Van Wie Organizational Communication Internship Scholarship(S)        

  • Grace M. Walsh Forensics Scholarship(S)            

  • Sally A. Webb Diversity Tuition Scholarship(S)    

  • Sally A. Webb International Student Tuition Scholarship(S)         

  • Sally A. Webb Organizational Communication Tuition Scholarship(S)      

  • Sally A. Webb Study Abroad Tuition Scholarship for Organizational Communication(S)        

  • Donald L. and Geraldine T. Wolfarth Scholarship(S)        

  • Dr. Alan Zimmerman Scholarship(S)       

Other Information

Updated application information on scholarships will be published after funding is verified in early March. Awards are disbursed during the following academic year.

Scholarship awards which are $500 or more will be split between the two semesters.  Exceptions will only be made for awards given to students who are graduating in the fall of the next academic year. Scholarship availability is contingent upon funding and subject to change.