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Van Wie Organizational Communication Internship Scholarship

In order to apply for this scholarship, the applicant must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be a Communication major with an Organizational Communication emphasis

  • Have applied for a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and that FAFSA must indicate financial need

  • Participate in an internship, which should be completed within the following fiscal year (i.e., either during the summer, the next fall, or the next spring) so that Financial Aid is satisfied

  • Meet the requirements for an internship, as listed in the UW-Eau Claire Catalogue under CJ 498
    • The internship, which could be located in the United States or internationally, could be paid or unpaid, and may be for academic credit, although it does not have to be for academic credit

  • Complete the Internship Packet required by the Department of Communication and Journalism, even if the internship is not for academic credit. Students who are considering applying for this scholarship should first make an appointment with Ms. Janet Driever, the CJ Internship Coordinator, who will explain the prerequisites and documents required for the CJ 498 internship

The recipient will receive $250.00 prior to beginning the internship and the other $250.00 after completing the required paperwork (e.g., portfolio, journal, etc.) at the conclusion of the internship. If the student enrolls in the internship for credit, then the fellowship money will be applied directly toward tuition.

Mr. William Van Wie graduated from UW–Eau Claire in 1995 with an undergraduate degree in Communication and Journalism.