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In early 2013 interim Chancellor Gilles Bousquet pinpointed a need to integrate and evaluate current international programs and events going on at UW-Eau Claire. The UW-Eau Claire CIGE was appointed to evaluate and create better standards that will make our university the best it can be in regards to internationalization and global engagement. Inspired by the newly revised 2012 Global Learning Outcomes set by our Dean of Education, and by the 1995 Wisconsin Idea, we aimed to set a new standard for Eau Claire, high above where it was before.

The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (UWEC) has identified internationalization and global engagement as a fundamental feature of liberal education1. We will provide learning opportunities that prepare all of our students [also faculty and staff] for active and ethical participation in a pluralistic and globally interdependent world.We do this in purposeful, coordinated and collaborative ways that promote cultural competency, recognize the need for multi-literacy,and uphold the dignity of all peoples. Toward these ends, UWEC commits to cultivate meaningful and commensal relationships between our university community and people, places, ideas and cultures beyond the borders of the United States, as well as with multi-ethnic individuals and populations within our own local and regional community.Commensurate with the Wisconsin Idea, the benefits of UWEC's internationalization and global engagement go beyond our students, faculty and staff, into the local area, and state, and into those communities around the world with whom we interact and establish relationships.

1 Strategic plan, 2008; mission statement (2009), LiberalEducation Core goals and Learning Outcomes (2012)


Membership is listed below and was last updated 6/2016. If interested in joining us, please visit our Get Involved Page or leave us some Feedback.


Jason Anderson
Rose-Marie Avin
Linda Carlson
Benjamin Corbett
Manuel Fernandez
Shanti Freitas
Nancy Hanson-Rasmussen
Karen Havholm
Erik Hendrickson
Stephen Hill
Paul Kaldjian
Theresa Kemp
Kerry Kincaid
Cheryl Lapp
Ling Liu
David Lonzarich
Colleen Marchwick
John Rosenow
Eric Torres