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What We Do

Mission Statement

The Council on Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGE) is a committee of students, staff, faculty and community members created to develop an integrated, coherent and purposeful approach to internationalization and global engagement at UW-Eau Claire.

To that end, the CIGE shall:

  • Create a vision for internationalization and global engagement at UW-Eau Claire; 
  • Inventory and assess existing programs, activities, and resources on campus and in the community in order to identify strengths, potential, improvements and opportunities;
  • Develop short-term and longer-term strategic goals for the campus, identifying and promoting the implementation of any items for immediate action; 
  • Inform the campus and community of our findings and invite all to participate in the growth and execution of a new approach to internationalization and global engagement at UW-Eau Claire.


The CIGE is structured into several working groups, which are then assigned certain tasks. These tasks range from helping set the standards for international partnerships to helping compile resources we already have on campus for professors, students, and the public alike. There is a wide range of working groups and you can find more information about our working groups (here.)

Some projects we are working/ have worked on:

  • Compiling a resource report for what all UWEC faculty and professors bring to this campus in terms of internationalization and global engagement. Whether it be foreign language experience, or leading an international immersion experience.
  • Setting higher standards and compiling resources for better international experiences. For example, creating a standardized template for student journaling/blogging experiences after being abroad.
  • Working with the CIE to create a broader idea of what is meant by "international education."
  • Get international programming in Davies and other media outlets on campus, such as Al Jazeera or BBC reporting.

These are just a few of many things we have worked on! For much more detail on overall progress of CIGE projects please visit our CIGE Progess page, or learn more about Getting Involved.