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Teach Abroad

The CIE offers a variety of appointments abroad to UW-Eau Claire faculty and academic staff. Spending a semester abroad can be a very rewarding and enriching experience. It may enable you to undertake a research project in your area of specialization, to gain access to a special collection in a library abroad, get in touch with colleagues at international universities, or provide new insights to enhance your teaching at home.

Opportunities for UW-Eau Claire Faculty
Teaching/Research Abroad in 2017-2018

For academic year 2017-2018, the CIE offers the following programs:

Harlaxton CollegeKansai Gaidai
How do I apply?

All applications are due March 15, 2016.

Given budget and instructional constraints, before you apply you must consult with your Department Chair or Program Director.  Your Chair/Director will consult with your Dean.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact the Center for International Education at 836-4411 (Schofield 3) for more information.

Application Materials

Faculty Abroad Application for 2017-2018 eForm (Required for all

Harlaxton College Guidance for Visiting Faculty (Required reading for all Harlaxton applicants)

Harlaxton College Appraisal Form (Required submission of all Harlaxton Applicants. Form to be completed by chair and sent directly to CIE.)

Harlaxton College

Program Description

UW-Eau Claire faculty may apply to teach for a semester at Harlaxton College, the British Campus of University of Evansville. You must teach courses from the University of Evansville catalogue.   .

In general, Harlaxton is seeking a blend of lower-level general education courses and mid-level and upper-level courses that "majors" would be likely to take. They offer a few special topics courses each term, especially if the courses take into account the British context of the Harlaxton experience.

Students in your classes will come from University of Evansville as well as a variety of partner colleges.

Faculty traveling with a spouse/partner and/or any dependents are responsible for the costs associated with accompanying family (e.g. airfare, immigration fees, international health insurance, etc.). Harlaxton College does provide accommodation and meal plan to accompanying spouse/partner and/or dependents.

Enrollment Minimum Harlaxton College expects visiting faculty to recruit 10 students from their home institution. Exceptions to this target can be made at the discretion of Harlaxton College Principal.

Harlaxton College is three miles from the Midland's market town of Grantham and is near the cities of Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicester and Peterborough. London is a little over one hour by train from Grantham Station

Available Terms

Fall or Spring


Housing is provided by Harlaxton College at no charge to the faculty member and accompanying partner/children. Faculty housing is the Carriage House or the Manor. Each faculty and accompanying family will have a private room, however, not all faculty rooms have ensuite shower and toilet.


Meals are served in the Harlaxton College refectory at scheduled times. Harlaxton provides faculty and accompanying partner/children a meal contract at no charge.


Kansai Gaidai University

Program Description

Kansai Gaidai University seeks faculty to teach courses in the Asian Studies Program through their visiting professor program. While it is desirable if the faculty members' main interest or research area is in Japan or Asia, other areas may be accommodated since the teaching opportunities are available in the Asian Studies Program as well as in a special program for Japanese undergraduate students.

Since the 1970s, UW-Eau Claire students have been studying at Kansai Gaidai University for a semester or academic year as part of the Asian Studies Program.

Depending on the number of courses that a faculty member is asked to teach abroad, the faculty may still have teaching obligations at UWEC for the semester abroad.  

Faculty traveling with a spouse/partner and/or any dependents are responsible for the costs associated with accompanying family (e.g. airfare, immigration fees, international health insurance, etc.).


Kansai Gaidai University is located in Hirakata City (population 400,000), midway between Osaka, Japan's second largest industrial city, and Kyoto, the ancient capital (map). The university was founded in 1945 as a private language institute. Today, Kansai Gaidai enrolls more than 11,000 students, including more than 700 students from 50 countries in the Asian Studies Program.

Available Terms Fall or Spring