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CISI Insurance

For Faculty international work including class trips

CISI Insurance is a UW-System mandate for all students going on university related business abroad. Faculty and staff are encouraged to obtain CISI coverage for university related travel abroad.

Costs are as follows:

1-8 days of coverage$9.00
9-15 days of coverage$17.00
16-22 days of coverage$26.00
23+ days $34.00 per month


To sign up for the CISI Insurance plan please follow these steps:

Fill out this template 
Send template and the following information to Jackson Schmidtke

  • Date of departure
  • Date of arrival back in the United States
  • Destination country and cities
  • Account to chargeback insurance premiums

Questions: contact Jackson Schmidtke
Email: Schmidjh@uwec.
Phone: 715-836-4411

Insurance plan information:

Policy Brochure
Claim form