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China Waterfall

Chinese Partner Universities

     Anhui Normal University                                               Beijing Jiaotong University
            Anhui Normal University                                                     Beijing Jiaotong University


     Changshu Institute of Science and Technology                                           China Pharmaceutical University           

     Changshu Institute of Technology                                         China Pharmaceutical University

     Chengdu University of Information Technology                                           Guangzhou University

Chengdu University of Information Technology                                    Guangzhou University


      Gansu Agricultural University                                    Fujian University of Technology                                 

     Gansu Agricultural University                                                 Fujian University of Technology
 Hefei University of Technology                             Hainan University
      Hefei University of Technology                                                         Hainan University


 Henan University of Technology                                   Huaqiao University

    Henan University of Technology                                                       Huaqiao University


      Huzhou Teachers College                                           Jinan University

         Huzhou Teachers College                                                              Jinan University


       Kunming University of Science and Technology                                          Liaoning University

Kunming University of Science and Technology                                      Liaoning University


       Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics                                           Lanzhou University of Technology
Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics                            Lanzhou University of Technology


      Longdong University                                   Nanjing University of Technology

                  Longdong University                                            Nanjing University of Technology


    Nanjing Arts University                              Nanjing Normal University

            Nanjing University of Arts                                                   Nanjing Normal University


  Nanyang Normal University                                          Ningbo University of Technology 
         Nanyang Normal University                                              Ningbo University of Technology 


    North University of China                                           Southwest Jiaotong University                

         North University of China                                                    Southwest Jiaotong University

     Southwest Petroleum University                                         Tianjin University of Science & Technology

    Southwest Petroleum University                                      Tianjin University of Science and Technology


    Xian University of Science and Technology                                            Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics

Xian University of Science and Technology                          Xinjiang University of Finance and Economics


      Xian University of Posts & Telecommunications                                           Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology

Xian University of Posts & Telecommunications       Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology


North China University of WREP                           Yunnan Normal University

North China University of Water Conservancy and Electric Power        Yunnan Normal University 


Yunan University of Finance and Economy                                   Yunnan University

Yunnan University of Finance and Economics                                        Yunnan University


Zhejiang Normal University
        Zhejiang Normal University







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