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What is the i>clicker?Educator Quote

The i>clicker is an interactive classroom response system allowing educators to poll students in class, view the results immediately, and then provide feedback. This can be used for class discussion, attendance, and testing. i>clicker can be used along with other programs, like PowerPoint, for asking prepared questions, or used by itself for impromptu questions.

When polled, i>clicker students' responses can be anonymous or identifiable. Identified students can be assigned credit for class participation and/or correct responses.

Educators can use i>grader along with i>clicker to track student responses and to assign point values to answers. Grades from i>grader can be transferred to an educator's prepared grade book in Desire2Learn.

Educators should use i>clickers a time or two before committing to use them daily in their course. Trial kits of thirty-five to one hundred i>clickers are available for checkout. Contact CETL for an i>clicker trial kit and to discuss how to use i>clicker software.

What is the i>clicker 2?

The i>clicker 2 is an upgrade of the original i>clicker! The i>clicker 2 can be used for the same purposes as the original i>clicker, and now, in addition to having the option of making A-E multiple choice responses, students will now be able to respond with both letters and numbers. This includes short text entry, True/False, Yes/No, and fill in the blank answers.

Starting with the 2011-12 school year, students will only be able to purchase the new i>clicker 2 which will allow the original i>clicker to graduate from UWEC along with the class of 2016. The original i>clickers can still be used, and the new system is compatible with both i>clicker remotes. However, the multiple choice response option is the only form of polling that works with the original i>clicker.

Please refer to the links below for more information and instructions on using the i>clicker 2 software and making it compatible with the original i>clicker.

Download latest i>Clicker software (Audience Response System Software & Latest Release) and place it on your H: drive so you can access it from your office and classroom. If you are using both the Mac and PC software, please contact CETL or collegial consultant, Matt Evans, 836-5519.

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