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Learning Technology


Introduction to Digital Content


As education continues to change, the need for offering content outside of class is growing. Students' learning experiences will be enhanced with digital content that they can view over and over, whether the class is face-to-face, hybrid, or online. This CETL/LTS group will expose instructors to some options for creating short, engaging, and reusable content pieces.

This learning group will meet four times throughout the semester to demo and discuss various user-friendly options to make and share reusable digital content (agenda below). Also included is a one on one training session on the technologies of your choice and a group sharing session to discuss your work throughout the semester. Throughout the group meetings, we will discuss how these technologies can be used in teaching hybrid or flipped classes, but implementing these techniques is not required.

  • Discussion of hybrid and flipped teaching, best practices for creating digital content, storage options, Snipping Tool, Thinglink
  • PowerPoint with audio and PowerPoint design tips
  • Screencasting & YouTube: Screencast-o-matic, Camtasia, iPad apps, YouTube Record Webcam, EmbedPlus
  • Handwriting digitization & video annotation: Livescribe pen, iPad apps, Wacom Bamboo, Tablet PCs

Participants who create at least two digital content pieces using two different technologies and share them with the group in the sharing session and via D2L will receive $300 CETL dollars. April Pierson from LTS will demonstrate the technologies and provide individual hands-on training. 

Meetings: Dates and times will be determined by group members.

Facilitators: April Pierson, LTS

To register: Contact CETL, 836-2385, to register. Back to top

Online Course Development


CETL and LTS staff can help you create an online course that utilizes proven best practices in course design and technology use.  We will start with an interactive face-to-face workshop to tour online courses, see best practices in action, and hear from experienced online educators at UWEC. The next step is completion of online activities in D2L for you to gain experience as an online student. The online aspect will take approximately 2-4 hours and will provide more detail on various aspects of online teaching such as online discussion facilitation, assessment best practices for online, PowerPoint design tips, and providing feedback to students online. You will get to experience low stakes quizzing in D2L, an online discussion, and submit a dropbox item. Open work time and individual appointments will be available for assistance with the online aspects of this preparation course if desired. Then we will meet individually once a month with you until the course is completed. It is common to underestimate the amount of time course development will take, especially if you plan on creating a significant amount of multimedia content yourself. Therefore, we will help you set up smaller goals to accomplish along the way and provide a customized approach to meet your needs and create an effective online course for the students.

To receive the $500 per credit stipend for course development, each developer will:

  • Complete the online activities in D2L to prepare for online course development;
  • Meet at least once a month with your instructional designer until the course is fully developed; and
  • Use best practices for online course development, which includes completing your course prior to teaching it.

To register: Click here for the application to put a course online for Winterim 2015, Spring 2015, Summer 2015, or Fall 2015 sessions.Back to top

Hybrid and Flipped Pedagogy


 Hybrid courses are courses in which more than 25% of the course is delivered online in lieu of on-campus meetings. Most materials, course activities, assignments, and discussions should be available in an online environment.  Hybrid courses are designed to encourage deep learning by utilizing the most effective and integrated pedagogies, both online and face-to-face. 

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