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D2L News

1.       Backing Up Your D2L Gradebooks

It is important to export your D2L gradebooks regularly throughout each semester and at the end of each term to create a backup of your grades. The export process outlined below creates a csv (common-separated values) file that can be opened in Excel.

1.      From the Course Home page, click Grades on the navigation bar

2.      Click Export Grades ExportGrades

3.      Select the desired options in the Export Options section


4.      In the Choose Grades to Export section, click the checkbox in front of the grade items to export (or, at the end of the term, choose the Select All checkbox above all the grade items to select all items): 


5.      Click Export to CSV ExportCSV

6.      The Export Grades dialog box appears

7.      Click the link in that dialog box; choose Open when prompted to open or save

8.      Click the File Menu FileMenu, then Save As to save the csv file with a new name in the location of your choice.  

2.       Combining D2L Course Sections

Educators may request two or more D2L course sections be combined in a single D2L course for the upcoming term by completing the D2L Course Request Form. Combined D2L courses will be available within five (5) business days of request receipt.    

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