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In-Class Observation

Midterm Student Evaluation Process, February 25 - March 14, 2014

All midterm evaluations have been scheduled for this semester. Please be sure to sign up next semester for this opportunity. Thank you!

As a service to educators, a CETL representative will visit a class to confidentially assess the course using students' feedback. Consider adding a midterm student evaluation to your syllabus.

Here's how it works: CETL staff will come to your classroom for the last 20 min of the day you choose.  You leave and we interview your students for answers to four questions:

  • What aspects of this class are helping you learn?
  • What aspects of this class are not helping you learn?
  • What are you doing to help yourself learn in this class?
  • We will also ask the students to indicate the amount of out-of-class time they spend on your course.

Midterm Student EvaluationThe students break into small groups and write their answers on paper. We collect the responses and then have a verbal conversation with the students about the most important issues they want addressed. CETL summarizes the data, schedules a time to meet with you, and offers options to consider if you want to make a change in your class this semester, or later. This is formative data; all the information is passed on to you and no information is reported to anyone else (we don't even keep a copy).

The students love the idea that instructors are willing to listen to their input and think about change. They also like it when you explain why you do certain things and why you are not changing some things. 

To participate, please follow the survey link and provide the following: 

  • Department
  • Course title, number and section (e.g. Quantitative Chemistry, CHEM 213.001)
  • Day(s) class meets and time (e.g. MWF 10-10:50)
  • Building and room number (e.g. P 265)
  • Number of students in the class
  • Date you prefer for the evaluation and at least one alternative
  • Date you prefer for the follow-up review of the evaluation with a CETL representative

Once all the necessary information is received, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within a day or two. Due to the popularity of this service, CETL will commit to evaluating one class per instructor per semester.

Contact CETL, 836-2385, if you have any questions.

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Videotape Your Class

Review your teaching by videotaping one or more of your classes. An LTS videographer sets up the camera to your specifications, leaves, then video camerareturns at the end of your class. Next, view the video with or without a CETL Teaching and Learning Consultant, to learn what areas of your teaching are or are not successful. CETL handles all the details. Releases are provided for videotaping teacher/student interaction during class.

To participate:  Send an e-mail to CETL, call 836-2385, or stop in OL 1142, and tell us the:

  • department and course name and number,
  • class time,
  • location of your course, and
  • date and time you prefer your class to be videotaped.

CETL will then contact you to confirm your request.

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Review of your Class/Lab/Studio

A CETL Teaching and Learning Consultant confidentially reviews your teaching in your classroom, studio or lab.  You receive individual feedback about your teaching review.

To participate:  Send an e-mail to CETL, call 836-2385, or stop in OL 1142, and tell us the:

  • date and time you prefer that we visit,
  • department and course name and number, and
  • location of your course.

CETL will then contact you to confirm your request.

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