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Research Reports by CETL Groups

The following articles, publications, and reports are written by educators who have participated in the various CETL-sponsored programming.

"Civil Rights Pilgrimage." Thesing-Ritter, Jody, Jyl Kelley, Margaret Cassidy, and Christin DePouw. Community of practice video report, 2009.civil rights pilgrimage

"Designing "Learning" Lessons for the University Classroom."  Kolis, Mickey, Emily Krusack, Angie Stombaugh, Robert Stow, and Gail Hanson Brenner.  Fellow report, 2011.

"Effective Discussion Techniques."  Manning, Carmen, et al. Fellow report, 2011.

"Instructional Technology Advisory Team Report."  Juett, JoAnne, Matt Evans, Carol Koroghlanian, Gene Leisz, Geoff Peterson, and Nicole Schultz. Fellow report, 2010.

"Reading to Learn: Engaging University Students in Meaningful Reading and Discussion." Larson, Jan, Mary Beth Leibham, Harry Jol, Deborah Pattee, and Amy Young.  Fellow report, 2009.

"Student Evaluations of Instruction." Bleske-Rechek, April, et al.  Fellow report, 2009.

"Teaching Graduate Courses." Lozar, Barbara, et al. Discussion group report, 2011.

"Teaching Evaluation Initiative." Reynolds, Kate Mastruserio, et al.  Fellow report, 2010.