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CETL Programs

CETL offers a variety of programming promoting educators' professional development
and collegial interchange. CETL also invites your ideas for other professional development programming.  

Additionally, UW System administers grant programs for educators' professional development through its Office of Professional and Instructional Development, the Learning Technology Development Council and its Institute on Race and Ethnicity.

Do you have an idea for a program?  Give CETL a call, 715-836-2385, or email to set up a time to discuss what you have in mind.  We can help you design the program and make it happen. 

LessonStudyscaledThings to consider include:

  • Goals/Purpose of the group
  • Materials needed
  • Participant Expectations
  • Participant Activities
  • Expected results/Curricular change
  • Timeline of meetings and activities

2013 CETL Grant Programs

Communities of Practice
Groups of educators working together to develop and implement a teaching and learning project over the course of two to three semesters.

Discussion Groups
A one-semester long gathering to foster campus dialogue through viewing and discussing short, informative videos or books.

Lesson Studies
Groups of educators who examine, design, refine, teach and assess an individual class lesson during one semester.

New and Incoming Educator Programs
CETL programs offered to meet the specific needs and interests of incoming educators.

UW System Programs

Single or multiple day events about teaching and learning issues. A guest speaker may be invited to present on a topic.

Learning Technology Programs
Programs available to educators to help develop best practices using technology for class assignments or assessments.

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